Was ist ein Fake Plug? Piercings ohne Schmerzen

What is a Fake Plug?

Golan Tsadok ·

A fake piercing is, as the name suggests, not a real piercing, but "fake". But what does that mean in concrete terms, what is a fake plug? A fake plug is not a real plug, but it looks like a real plug - it is an optical illusion. What distinguishes a plug? Well a plug differs from an ear stud in that its diameter is larger, the normal ear hole has been stretched and so now larger jewelry fits through it, the plug. So this plug is wider than the pin of an ear stud, it only fits through stretched or punched lobes, earlobes. What is a fake plug?

Well the fake plug looks like a real flesh tunnel or ear plug when worn on the ear, but you can wear it without having to stretch your ear holes excessively, in fact you don't have to stretch them at all.

So the question "What is a fake plug?" can be answered like this: a plug on the outside, but an ear stud hidden on the inside. A fake plug differs from a stud earring in that the design can be seen in front of and behind the ear, because that's how it is with the real plug through the ear. In between, the two decorative sides are connected via a pin or pin in the thickness of 1mm up to 1.6mm, the thickness of a normal ear hole.

Was ist ein Fake Piercing?

What is a fake plug? And what keeps it in the ear?

Well the two ends are connected via the pin made of surgical stainless steel, either via a screw thread, or via a plug closure. This plug closure is lined with silicone on the inside, so it fits pretty securely and tightly. What is a fake plug? - In any case, it is quite practical, because with Fakes you can continue to wear earrings, your ear holes are not stretched any larger, and at the same time you can wear plug and piercing jewelry, at least it looks very much like it on the outside.

What is a fake plug? - a good solution for minors and parents, if parents are against ear hole stretching.

What is a fake plug? - the best option for professionals in jobs that expect a neutral appearance, wear wild fake plugs in your free time and well-behaved pearl stud earrings at work.

What is a fake plug? - The painless option for the anxious and the quickest option for the impatient, because yes, ear piercing stretching can hurt a little and takes patience and time.

What else is a fake plug ? The first attempt to see if stretching snails, tunnels, plugs and spikes suit you at all, use them to test out if this look suits you before stretching irreversibly.

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