Piercing Bauchnabel Banana- Tipps, Risiken und Anatomie

Piercing belly button - risks, anatomical requirements, hygiene tips

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This trend lasts a long time: the piercing belly button. According to surveys among women, the piercing belly button is in the front of all piercings in the UK in first place, here in Germany the ear piercing is more popular, but directly on second place follows the belly button piercing. Among younger people the piercing belly button is more common than among older people, among women much more common than among men.

If you compare the pain of piercing belly button piercing with other piercings, the popularity is quite understandable, only skin and no cartilage is pierced and this area is less well supplied with blood, the piercing is perceived more as a pulling or slight pressure pain.

Is your anatomy throwing a wrench in the works?

However, if you compare the healing time of a piercing belly button with other piercings, it is much less understandable, because this can drag on up to a year (also a consequence of the poorer blood circulation of the belly button), in addition, there are much more difficulties due to sports, friction by clothing etc at this point. If you want to have a belly button piercing, be aware that the healing phase takes a long time and that you have to take care of it and do without some things during this time. Is a belly button piercing worth it? Then there is only one question: is it anatomically feasible for you to have a belly button piercing? This is not a joke, in fact, belly button shapes are so different that it is not possible or recommended to pierce it on every person. This is the case, for example, with a very flat navel without large skin folds.

Wissenswertes rund um den Piercing Bauchnabel

Hygiene is the be-all and end-all

Before the piercing belly button is not completely healed, you must be very careful that you do not bring germs in the vicinity, because your navel piercing is then nothing more than an open wound, the piercing has direct contact with blood and tissue. Very important is therefore a good quality of the piercing jewelry, a professional piercer who works sterile and hygiene. This concerns on the one hand no touching without hand washing (attention caution also with partner and domestic animals). Change towels, bed linen and clothing regularly, mask when doing sports and avoid certain sports that put too much strain on the abdomen. So that it does not weep, let air to the piercing bellybutton again and again. Swimming pools, bathing lakes and the like should be avoided during the healing phase. Make sure that your clothing is loose fitting, does not rub and does not allow the belly button piercing to get caught in it. No heavy large jewelry with long pendants during the healing phase, because this weight also irritates the piercing belly button.

Recognize dangers and risks and act

If germs actually get into the open wound, the result can be an inflammation, an abscess and in the worst case, such an infection can spread through the blood and lead to blood poisoning or heart inflammation, so be alert! If the piercing belly button is strongly reddened, swollen, heated, hurts or even pus comes out, then off to the doctor.

Another risk is the formation of a granuloma on the piercing belly button, this can be triggered by friction, irritation, inflammation, impurities. A granuloma means there is red, benign tissue growing on a wound that resembles raw meat and is also called wild meat. In this case, table salt ensures faster healing. The table salt is applied to the piercing belly button for 24 hours and then wiped off with boiled water and sterile compress. This process is repeated.

Once you have survived the healing of the piercing belly button, the worst is over, from now on you can wear larger jewelry like Bananabells, that is Curved Barbells with pendants, chains and ornaments. Great jewelry ideas for a beautiful piercing belly button you can also find here.

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