Welcher Tunnel ist am besten geeignet?

Which tunnel is the most suitable?

Golan Tsadok ·

As for plugs and flesh tunnels, there are many different shapes and materials, but which tunnel is best suited? Each shape and each material has certain advantages and disadvantages and besides the optical and your personal taste, you can find out what suits you best, simply based on the properties.

The question "Which tunnel is best suited?" is quite justified, because this can be individually quite different, depending on what is important to you personally: rather the appearance and what is your preference in this? Should it be glittery and shiny or more natural and tribal? Do you attach importance to wearing comfort or is this subject subordinate? Is stability more important to you, e.g. because you want to wear the tunnel at night or during sports? Are you still a beginner and have problems getting tunnels with wide rims into your ears? For all these problems, there is a suitable plug, but for each problem: Which tunnel is best suited?

Advantages of the different shapes

We start with the different shapes, here there are double flared, single flared, straight and ribbed or special shapes like hearts, diamonds, drops, honeycombs etc: Which tunnel is the most suitable? Surely you have already guessed: the extravagant tunnels in pentagon, checkered heart or teardrop shape are not for beginners who find it difficult to insert them, they are also not for people for whom comfort is very important. Of course, these plugs and tunnels are also designed to avoid sharp edges, yet there are more corners, points and edges than in the typical round flesh tunnels. Which tunnel is most suitable? Unusual shapes are most suitable for people who like to stand out and be eye-catchers.

When we ask "which tunnel is the most suitable?" we think mainly of the classic shape, double flared, it is very common and means that the tunnel is narrower in the middle and becomes wider towards the front and back. So it sits securely in the stitch channel, but it requires some skill to push the wider edges through the ear hole. Practice makes perfect, but for beginners single flared is better: only one side is wide, the other is completely straight and corresponds exactly to your stretch width, you get these flesh tunnels very easily through the ear hole and fix them with a rubber ring. A third variation is the straight plug with edges, this shape is called ribbed. This plug is also completely straight on the inside, but has small edges on the front and back so that it does not slip out of the ear. Again, practice makes perfect, because you have to overcome this small edge.

Welcher Tunnel ist am besten geeignet?

Which material is ideal?

Now let's look at "Which tunnel is best?" in terms of materials. If you are concerned with stability, then metal tunnels made of brass, stainless steel or silver are super, moreover, filigree arches and patterns are possible here with the decorations, even the shiny metallic look is popular. The disadvantage is: these tunnels can get very hot in the sauna and very cold in winter, they are heavy and can press. If you are concerned with the variety of designs, acrylic and metal tunnels offer great options with imprints. However, both don't let your skin breathe when worn and it can make the tunnels stinky. You want more flexibility? Then choose tunnels made of silicone, these are soft and bendable, but also so soft that they give way when inserted. Which tunnel is best? - If your skin should breathe while wearing, so the tunnels do not stink? And which tunnel is best if you want it to be light and adapt to your body temperature? Well now we are at the merits of Organic Tunnels, here you have the choice between bone, horn and wood. These variants are also very natural and suitable for the tribal look, but more fragile than metal or silicone.

Which tunnel is best suited? - If you want it to be sturdy and natural? For this desire, there are plugs and tunnels made of real stones, but these are also rather a heavy variant.

Which tunnel is best suited? - is ultimately a question that everyone can only answer personally, depending on what wishes he has for a tunnel, we only show what options there are and what they offer you. Good luck with browsing and you will surely find your favorite Flesh Tunnel!

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