Plugs mit Anker – zeitlos und dennoch trendy

Plugs with anchor - timeless yet trendy

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Hey, are you looking for a cool plug that makes you an eye-catcher and is not out in a few months? Plugs with anchors are not only absolutely trendy at the moment, the navy look is timeless.

Especially if you don't want to stretch your ears any bigger and have arrived at the perfect size for you, plugs and tunnels should be durable. Our plugs with anchor made of wood will last a very long time, at least if you protect them from water. Wood plugs with anchors would swell on contact with water and the wood could crack and split, it is not a good idea to shower or go swimming with wood piercing jewelry. If you are looking for plugs with anchors for your next sailing trip and they need to be waterproof, we also offer stainless steel, acrylic and silicone plugs with anchors - water is no problem here. For both the organic and metal versions, we lovingly design the marine plugs with anchor. The motifs are carved, engraved or hand-painted or filigree shaped.

Plugs with anchors are equally popular with women and men, and with the ladies they are also very popular for the pin up look. Since an anchor can stand for traveling, the sea, vacation, seafaring, the north, ships, sailing and the coast, it is also not a short-term trend, but plugs with an anchor remain timelessly beautiful.


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