Universal Piercings – das Piercing für alle Fälle

Universal Piercings - the piercing for all cases

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Do you already know them and use them? Universal piercings are very popular right now, mostly these are piercing rings, these are available in different sizes and diameters, as well as different strengths or rod thicknesses. Universal piercings are called so because they can not be limited to a specific purpose. Universal piercings are absolutely flexible and changeable, you can wear them through the nose, ear and lip and these are actually not even all the places of use, they are just the most common.

And even with these three places, lip, ear and nose, universal piercings are not limited to one particular place, there are umpteen possibilities on the ear such as helix, tragus, conch, anti-helix, anti-tragus, daith or the normal lobe piercing. At the nose there are Septum or Nostril and at the lip the upper or lower lip, left or right or several places of it in combination as for example at Angel or Shark Bites. But Universal Piercings are also used for the eyebrow, as nipple piercing, as intimate piercing, for the belly button and other places.

Piercing Jewelry Set with Universal Piercings

If you order different sizes and thicknesses of a motif and design, you can also put them together in a great set, e.g. a matching septum to the earrings. Especially with the latest trend Curated Ears you can work super with Universal Piercings and use for example the same design in large and small or with different stones and crystals to make your ear extraordinary and coordinated.

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