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Piercing belly button - what to consider?

Golan Tsadok ·

The piercing belly button is no longer imaginable without it, very many women and more and more men decorate their belly with it. And yet, after the piercing of the navel piercing is a few things to consider.

With a freshly pierced belly button piercing you should avoid certain things, because too much skin tension can lead to a rejection reaction, also too tight clothing can massively complicate the healing, so high waist jeans are taboo. The first 3 days you should completely avoid sports, so that no sweat gets into the fresh wound. After that, the following applies to sports: avoid everything that strongly overstretches or compresses the abdomen, because these movements stretch the skin at the piercing belly button.

With a brand new belly button piercing, please also refrain from anything blood thinning for 2 days, i.e. headache pills such as aspirin or even alcohol. Bathing, no matter if in the bathtub or in the pool or lake, is taboo for the first one and a half months with a belly button piercing, during this time you can shower with a waterproof plaster. Later without plaster use pH neutral soaps/shower gels and make sure that they do not touch the piercing belly button.

Bauchnabel Piercing

Different variations and placements possible

Did you know that there are quite different placements for piercing belly button? This is also related to the anatomy of your belly button, not every belly button is suitable for the typical belly button piercing vertical through the upper edge of the belly button. However, the piercing can be placed around the belly button, so for example, also a piercing belly button through the lower belly button edge. The combination of different belly button piercings is also unusual and beautiful.

Even the classic form of piercing belly button with a small ball above and jewelry below can be rotated and this can even be useful: because if the belly throws a fold, which is compressed when sitting or bending, then there is pressure on the tissue, this delays the healing of the piercing belly button and even allows the jewelry to wander. Here you need to choose the angle and the length of the rod so that the tissue is relieved as much as possible, for example, by placing the small ball in the navel and the jewelry above, this is called floating navel.

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