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Piercing ear - the classic among piercings

Golan Tsadok ·

Nowadays, a variety of piercings are widespread, but there is one unbeatable classic, this wears almost every pierced: the piercing ear. Strictly speaking, every normal ear hole is a piercing ear, regardless of whether it is pierced or shot with a gun. More tissue-friendly and therefore recommended is definitely piercing with a needle and not shooting through. Almost every woman, girl and also many guys and men therefore own a piercing ear, even if only studs, earrings, creoles or earrings are worn in it. Also for most fake piercings you need a piercing ear, e.g. for fake plugs or fake spirals. Earclips and Ear Cuffs alone do completely without an ear hole.

Piercing ear - how many do you have?

But not only the lobe piercing through the earlobe counts as ear piercing. There are umpteen different places on the ear that can be pierced, e.g. along the pinna or through the ear cartilage, e.g. the Tragus Piercing runs through the cartilage protrusion in front of the ear canal. Piercings like the Industrial even connect two ear piercings. An ear piercing can therefore be composed of tens of different piercings on the ear, which form a total work of art. At the same time, one ear can look different from the other, both in terms of the number of piercings, their positions and their jewelry. Just be creative!

Piercing Ohr Trend

Pierced ears are trendy

The piercing ear is now not only found in women, even men now place various piercings on the ears. Even glitter piercings with faceted crystals have long since reached the male world. If you now want to turn your own ear into a piercing ear, you will find on our site many tips and facts about piercing, as well as tens of different piercing models, including many ear piercings.

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