Piercing Kosten

Piercing costs - can I afford my desired piercing?

Golan Tsadok ·

For a long time you admire piercings and now you want to get pierced yourself? You have chosen your desired piercing and determined the body part that suits you? You have carefully chosen the piercer you trust and the only thing standing between you and your piercing appointment are the piercing costs? Then we would like to inform you here what you should pay attention to, which prices are normal and what is included in the piercing costs.

The piercing costs vary depending on the piercing studio, experience of the piercer, the desired body part and the included services. Basically, you should consider piercing costs that the price alone should never make your decision. Very very important are also hygiene, advice and experience of the piercer, because what good are very cheap piercing costs if you have an inflammation afterwards and then have to spend much more money on doctor visits, treatments, medications and care products?

What do the piercing costs include?

Most piercers offer for the price of the piercing also the matching initial jewelry with and often the right care products are already included. Furthermore, the piercing costs include the sterilization of the area to be pierced, your skin and all instruments used. In addition, the costs include the working time of the piercer and his effort, so medically/anatomically more complicated piercings and unusual body parts cost more. For example, for some piercings your piercer only has to pierce skin or cartilage in easily accessible places, for others he has to be careful not to injure any nerves and needs much more experience. All this determines the price of piercing costs.

Piercing Kosten

Guidelines for piercing costs

The cheapest piercing is the normal ear piercing, here you pay about 10-25€. Other places on the ear like Tragus or Helix or also lip piercings are between 20 and 80€. Piercings on eyebrow or tongue cost between 40€ and 70€. Nipple piercings and the pierced belly button cost per piercing between 20€ and 70€. Surface piercings are around 70-90€, the piercing costs of implants and dermal anchors around 75€. A nose piercing costs 15 to 60€ depending on the location and for complicated intimate piercings the piercing costs vary between 30€ and up to 170€.

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