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Pendants and amulets with Viking motifs are not a newfangled invention, no Viking pendants are real Viking jewelry from the early Middle Ages and thus much closer to the original than piercings or earrings with Viking motifs. Of course, our Viking pendants have also been transferred to modern times, but what is in common with the models: it is still real craftsmanship in which they are made, the motifs are original Viking symbols and the materials are natural (wood, bone, cotton ribbon) or metals used at that time (brass).

Viking pendants can be found with us mostly on necklaces, more precisely on our Wooden chains and brass chains, these are unisex wearable for men and women. These are motifs such as Thor's hammer Mjölnir, Triskele, Skull with Viking helmet, the Vegvisir Viking compass, the Awe helmet, Odin's horn, the world tree Yggdrasil, the Midgard Serpent and others. These Viking pendants are hand-carved and partly hand-painted, hand-finished for the brass versions.

Meaning and purpose of the Viking pendants amulets

Today, Viking pendants are mostly purely fashion accessory, moreover, they show to which scene/subculture the wearer feels he belongs, in this case this could be anything between Viking Vikings, Celts, Middle Ages fans, Teutons, the Nordic roots, paganism and demarcation from Christianity. At that time, amulets had a second effect attributed to them, in addition to the ornamental effect: protection and blessing. Amulets, it was believed, protected the wearer from bad forces of nature or provided protection on all paths, gave strength and power. In addition, there were both pagan Vikings who adhered to the old deities, and later Christian Vikings and Vikings who stood in between. This was also reflected in their Viking pendants, some wore Thor's hammer as a demarcation to Christianity, others Christ crosses as a confession to Jesus Christ and some Viking pendants were a mixture of both. Here, either the wearer could not decide or identify with both, or the Viking pendant was made by a merchant who worked for both sides and did not want to mess with anyone.

handmade viking pendant

No matter what your reason is to wear a Viking pendant, it is important to us that you find a beautiful jewelry pendant that suits you, moreover a high quality processed product. Through our years of experience in the field of jewelry and especially in the field of tribal and organic jewelry, it is easy for us to produce beautiful Viking pendants. We specialize in handcrafted wood, horn, bone and brass and now we use this expertise to create unique Viking jewelry. This way you can be sure that your favorite designs will be very well realized and long lasting. Since most of our Viking pendants come with chain, they are mostly adjustable in width, so they really fit every wearer and can also be worn in different lengths, depending on your outfit and mood.

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