How much should a nostril piercing cost?

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Since even young people are already enthusiastic about this type of piercing, the question about the nostril piercing costs is of course not uninteresting. Is your pocket money budget enough to cover the Nostril piercing costs? What should you plan for the Nostril Piercing costs, if you want to save on it?

Well all-inclusive Nostril piercing costs can't be stated at all, because it varies depending on the piercing studio. In addition, the Nostril piercing costs depend on what is included in the price and what is not, this can include the consultation, the piercing itself, the initial jewelry, care and disinfectants. In addition, the Nostril Piercing costs can be higher or lower depending on the quality of the initial jewelry. For your orientation we give you a price range, the Nostril Piercing costs are between 20€ and 70€. Titanium, Bioplast, PTFE, Palladium or Niobium are often used as initial jewelry.

Piercing costs are not the only important factor

But it is very important: get comprehensive advice and choose the piercer according to experience, cleanliness and quality and not according to the price. What is the use of lower nostril piercing costs if you risk an inflammation? In the first place is your health and the quality of the piercing, if all this is secured you can choose the best price offer. The price-performance ratio should of course be right. Your piercer should be reputable, the initial jewelry high quality and the aftercare very good.

Some even choose a jeweler who shoots the nose piercing with a gun because of the nostril piercing costs, but we do not recommend this, firstly this variant heals worse and secondly this gun is never completely sterile.

If you have now saved enough and have the Nostril Piercing costs together and already found your favorite studio? Then you can start. And as soon as your nose ring or nose stud is completely healed, you can use other pieces of jewelry and here we come into play: we offer you a huge selection of special and fancy nose rings and plugs in black, silver, gold and rose gold, partly also studded with glitter crystals. You can see an example in the picture.

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