Silber Ohrstecker – die Klassiker neu entdeckt

Silver stud earrings - the classics rediscovered

Golan Tsadok ·

What do you think of when you think of silver stud earrings? Probably not an absolute novelty, but something that almost everyone calls their own. Silver stud earrings are timeless and last a lifetime. Sure they can tarnish dark, but here polishing or a salt bath creates quick remedy. Silver stud earrings are one of the most common pieces of jewelry and are loved and worn by both sexes. Of course, there are other preferences in designs. Silver stud earrings can be pure silver studs, or only the pin and clasp and possibly a setting are made of 925 sterling silver, while the eye-catcher is then but a pearl, a gemstone or faceted glass. Our silver stud earrings are partly even more creative, these are also available with seeds, shells, wood or silicone.

Silber Ohrstecker für Frauen und Männer

Silver stud earrings for men and women

In other times and cultures it was completely normal that also the man wears ear jewelry and also today with us it is again. Silver stud earrings can be worn in pairs or individually, regardless of gender. Typically man it is usually still that their ear studs are more discreet, instead of pearls or colorful stones rather black onyx, bone or wood is used or no inlay at all. Where even this is no longer completely true, especially with young men silver stud earrings with sparkling glittering stones were a second for a long time very popular. Popular with both sexes and also as partner jewelry are the small mini silver stud earrings with motif, these pure sterling silver stud earrings show totally different motifs: funny like the stuck out tongue, cheeky like the middle finger, natural like flowers and leaves, animal design like spiders, frogs, camels etc., Celtic symbols like the triskele, tools. There is sure to be a design for everyone here.

Advantages and disadvantages of silver stud earrings

Silver stud earrings are practical in terms of water contact, this does not harm them. If they tarnish, you can quickly get them polished again. However, silver is also a very soft metal, so you should use your silver stud earrings carefully so that the pins do not bend or break off. Most people tolerate 925 sterling silver stud earrings very well, but those who are extremely allergic to nickel should avoid sterling silver to be on the safe side, because traces of nickel cannot be completely ruled out. Therefore, if you have a strong allergy, surgical steel would be a better choice. Silver stud earrings can be processed both shiny and matte, silver can be brushed, scratched, hammered or polished and is therefore very versatile. In addition, who stands on tribal or antique jewelry or even medieval, Viking and Celtic stud earrings, which makes nothing wrong with silver, because this material has been used for a very long time for jewelry. Silver stud earrings can also be worn several in one ear, if your lobe is pierced several times.

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