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Piercing tragus - the piercing trend

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Ear piercing types are still among the most popular, often several are combined for curated ears. A piercing tragus decorates the small cartilage section at the beginning of the auditory canal. The Tragus piercing is pierced exactly through this piece of cartilage and then decorated with a Ball Closure ring or small Labret plug. Tragus piercing gold and tragus piercing silver jewelry is both very popular. Of course, other tragus piercing jewelry like a circular barbell horseshoe or a barbell rod also goes. The Tragus Piercing should always be pierced with a needle by the piercer and never be shot by the jeweler with a gun, because here the risk is too great to hit nerves and suffer severe inflammation.

How does the piercing work?

Your piercer will first mark and disinfect the cartilage site, the piercing is done with a cannula or piercing needle under strong pressure, a piece of cork is held behind the tragus cartilage to build up counterpressure and protect the auditory canal. Since the tragus piercing is not pierced through soft tissue but through cartilage, it needs more pressure, moreover many small nerves are located here and therefore the piercing can hurt more than in the earlobe, however the pain lasts only a few seconds. The tragus piercing pain can also be locally anesthetized. On the other hand, swelling, redness and heat sensation remain a little longer, but this also subsides soon. What really takes a long time is the healing, because cartilage tissue has a poorer blood supply and therefore heals slower. You should give your piercing tragus half a year to heal, and during this time you should be careful: there is a risk of wild flesh due to a lot of movement, so if this occurs, ask your doctor to give you a local antibiotic. If your piercing tragus becomes inflamed please go directly to the piercer and get help. Follow his care instructions. Please touch your piercing tragus only with disinfected hands, do not play with it, clean it from crusts with chamomile water, disinfect it several times a day with a suitable spray. Don't lie on the piercing side at night, avoid ball sports that may hit the Tragus piercing, be extremely careful when dressing and better avoid caps and scarves so as not to get caught. Tragus piercing headphones are also a challenge, better avoid at first. Do not take out your tragus piercing until it heals and protect it from shampoo, hairspray and other cosmetics. You should also avoid swimming, saunas and solarium sessions for the first few weeks with your new Tragus piercing.

Tragus Piercing Costs

What does your chic Tragus piercing actually cost? Depending on the studio you have to calculate with about 30 to 80€, depending on whether the Tragus Piercing jewelry and the Tragus Piercing care products are included. If you now want to show the trend of the 90s and 2020s also on your ear, then you will find here the right jewelry for it: many different possibilities of piercing Tragus.

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