Ringe Damen gold

Rings ladies - individual in goldsmith quality

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One of the jewelry classics are rings ladies, these are available in a variety of materials, for example, metal such as sterling silver, gold, brass, copper or stainless steel. But also organic materials such as wood are often used. Rings ladies are then artistically painted or studded with real stones, pearls or glass crystals. Rings ladies are as diverse as the ladies themselves, from simple and discreet, to sparkling, large and flashy, from natural to metallic, everything is there.

Rings ladies gold

Rings ladies gold are available in brass, gold, gold-plated or copper. Thereby the brass and copper rings ladies are a little less shiny and look more antique, they are super suitable for the vintage, boho and retro look, because they look old and antique, which is intentional.

Gold plated rings or pure gold rings are mostly shiny, but you can also hammer, scratch or brush the surface, it will become matte, but will remain brighter than the antique gold tones. Rings ladies gold are thus also available in diverse variants.

Ringe Damen gold

Rings ladies cheap

You want to save your wallet? Well rings ladies cheap there are of course if they are either narrow or not gold plated, silver plated and also do not have pure gold or silver as raw material. Genuine handmade wooden rings, which are carved and hand-painted also has its price. Rings ladies cheap can be found but made of stainless steel or brass and these are also beautifully designed. Important, if you are looking for rings ladies: know your ring size. Either you order an adjustable ladies ring or you determine your ring size. How to do this, we also tell you in one of our blog posts to determine the right ring size. After all, the rings should still fit ladies cheap and sit great.

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