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Buying a piercing - what to consider?

You play with the idea of a new body jewelry and want to buy a piercing? Then you are a child of our time, because piercings have been around for a long time, but they were not as common as they are today. They were reserved for a certain class, culture or grouping. In the 90s, the punk scene began to buy and wear piercings, at that time the goal was still to shock and attract attention. Meanwhile, buying piercing has become quite normal in the Western world, it has become a real fashion trend. Some still want to shock and attract attention and stretch their piercing channels in ears, nose or even in the genital area. Others want to really decorate themselves with it, buying piercing is for them no different than wearing jewelry. To be pierced means to be pierced, a piercing is a body modification, where rods, rings or other jewelry are attached to the body.

Buying a piercing - not before healing

Partly the piercing channels are stretched larger and the diameters or strengths of the barbells and hooks become larger, when buying a piercing you must then pay attention to the correct strength. The best known of the stretched piercings are the ear plugs and flesh tunnels. When buying piercings, some even deliberately make sure that you can see the stretch: they choose heavy ear weights that showcase the large ear holes. When your latest piercing is healed, you can start with piercing buying - please not before. In the healing phase, the initial jewelry stays in the wound and the less you move it and play with it, the faster your piercing will heal and the sooner you can buy a new piercing.

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Material, shape, size and thickness

When buying a piercing it is important that you know what you need and want: which material should your piercing have? Is compatibility, low nickel content, wearing comfort or the price most important to you? Each material has different advantages, but also different disadvantages, for example, wood is not suitable as initial jewelry and is more fragile than metal, but it absorbs sebum, allows your skin to breathe and accepts your body temperature. You can find more about the different materials when buying piercing in our news and FAQs.

Then shape and dimensions are important: which shapes are suitable for your piercing at all? For example, you do not need to buy a labret piercing for the belly button, this shape would be completely unsuitable. Length and thickness are also important, a 28mm plug will not fit into an ear stretched to 10mm and a barbell that is too short will not fit as an industrial piercing into both piercing holes provided for it on the ear. Therefore, before buying a piercing, inform yourself about your piercing and which shapes and dimensions you can wear with it.

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