Piercings und Ohrgewichte in Messing Holz Kombination

Piercings and ear weights in brass wood combination

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Today we present you a real insider tip, piercings made of brass wood combination. The material mix has it all and makes your stretch snail, hook or ear weight an absolute eye-catcher. Depending on how high the brass part of your stretch is in the brass wood combination, it is a piercing (for small ornaments and inlays) or a Ear weight (for larger ornaments and a lot of brass). Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Some of you also like to showcase the ear hole itself and love ear weights in brass wood combination because you just find them more "extreme/hard". Others focus more on comfort and lightness, the stretch should catch the eye but not be strongly noticeable while wearing. So this is a matter of taste, how the brass wood combination is proportionally divided.

Unique Design

A brass and wood combination in stretch snails and hooks captivates with contrasts, whether between the matte wood and the shiny brass, or between the dark wood tone and the light gold tone. This material mix of brass and wood complements each other perfectly. As a brass wood combination, we offer, for example, wing hooks, arrow stretchers or stretchers with ornamental edge. Partly they are normal stretch spirals, partly already clearly ear weights, some simply move in between.

Organic Jewelry with Metallic Component

A piercing in brass wood combination unites e.g. with the ear weight the advantages of the heavy brass with those of the organic wood, which lets your skin breathe and thus avoids negative smells. In addition, wood adapts to your body temperature. Therefore, the hook or spiral section that goes through the ear hole is also usually made of wood, while the decoration is made of brass. Another reason for expanders in brass wood combination: they are still quite rare and therefore a real specialty, set trends with CHICNET!

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