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Piercing nose - do you know all the options?

Golan Tsadok ·

When it comes to nose piercing, most people think of the two most popular nose piercings: the septum and the nostril piercing. With the Nostril the nostril is pierced, a modern variation of this piercing nose is the High Nostril, which is pierced higher, i.e. further up through the nostril. The septum piercing nose runs through the nasal septum and is even more noticeable. But are these already all piercing nose variants? No, of course not. Less known are the piercing nose bars through the tip of the nose, vertically or horizontally and the piercing through the root of the nose. You can find some information about the risks of the individual piercings under our FAQs.

What does a piercing on the nose look like?

Piercing Nase

Well, there are rings and rods or plugs. The plugs are mainly used as nostril piercing nose, these can also be labret shapes or the piercing nose has a helical or L-shaped end. Also quite straight rods with or even without a slightly thickened end are often worn as nostril piercing nose. Possible with the nostril are of course also rings, clamp ball rings or segment rings or open rings with motif on one end and open end on the other.

The septum are also rings, clickers, clamp ball rings or even horseshoes, circular barbells. The Austin bar piercing nose uses straight barbells. The Bridge Piercing uses Curved Barbells in banana shape. So in piercing nose, just about every piercing shape occurs, it just depends on the position of the nose piercing which shape is suitable.

Can you afford a nose piercing?

The prices for piercing nose are of course different depending on the effort and also studio, more elaborate are the piercings through the tip of the nose and especially the root of the nose. Approximately you can expect prices between 30 and 70€ for a piercing nose.

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