Verschiedene Piercing Arten

Different types of piercing through the ages

Golan Tsadok ·

In general, piercing has been a tradition in certain cultures for thousands of years, but in recent years, various types of piercing have become increasingly popular. What most certainly still know from their childhood: the ear piercing gun, with which girls and boys got their earlobes pierced at an early age for ear studs. While parents often say no at the pierced belly button, stretched ears or other piercing types at minors, these ear piercings went from the parents, the children were much too young to decide for themselves. Piercing fanatics find normal ear holes meanwhile mostly boring, with them the ear is decorated at the most different places with the most different Piercing kinds and the normal Lobes more largely stretched. Here then proudly plugs, flesh tunnels, hooks, stretching snails, spikes or even ear weights are presented. Piercings in the eyebrow as well as nose piercings, tongue piercings, belly button piercings, lip piercings, nipple piercings, other piercing types and intimate piercings are already commonplace today and shock no one. They complement other jewelry like necklaces, bracelets or rings.

There is nothing that does not exist

The word piercing is derived from the English language and comes from the verb "to pierce", which means "to pierce" or "to drill through". In the process, the most diverse piercing types jewelry is inserted through the small or even larger holes. Piercing types classics are rings and rods, but also chains or horseshoes are popular. Among the most common piercing types here are also the piercings that stretch the ears, so expand step by step. Punks still know the simplest piercing variant: the piercing with safety pins. With the Piercing thus no borders are set to the creativity. You can decorate almost any part of the body with any type of piercing. Meanwhile, one sees more often a combination of the funky youth look with conservative customs. So it happens that a young man with flesh tunnels wears suit, shirt and cufflinks.

Piercing Arten

Variety in piercing types

With the piercing kinds one can differentiate according to body place and piercing form, meanwhile there is as good as no body place more, which is not pierced, because also surface piercings such as Dermal Anchors are no longer rarity and can be attached almost everywhere. The piercing types of shapes are also becoming more and more, there are also always novelties such as the ear donuts for stretched lobes.

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