Organic Body Jewelry in großer Auswahl

Organic Body Jewelry in large selection

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You love Organic Body Jewelry and are looking for new sizes and designs? We can help you out, because a large part of our assortment of Piercing Jewelry is Organic Body Jewelry. We process organic materials to piercings like mother of pearl shell, black shell, horn, bone, wood and stone. All these materials can be found in our store processed into Organic Body Jewelry - handmade of course. Because the filigree and detailed stretching snails, hooks, plugs, flesh tunnels, spikes and ear donuts we carve by hand. Because of the handwork and the natural material, no two pieces are exactly the same. The texture and grain of mother of pearl, wood, horn and stone is nowhere exactly the same. Due to the fact that hand carving is done, shape and size may also vary minimally - so each Organic Body Jewelry item is unique.

You have fancy sizes and still looking for great piercing jewelry?

No problem for us. Our mini stretch snails and piercings, as well as Ear weights start already at 1,7mm, also 2mm, 3mm and 4mm are represented. And our plugs and tunnels reach partly up to 50mm. The sizes 6mm to 25mm are represented in an enormous number of designs. So you always have a great selection of high quality Organic Body Jewelry, even with very small and very large sizes. We also offer the whole range of designs: from cool and hard to feminine and playful. We also vary between flashy and huge and subtle and minimalistic - our Organic Body Jewelry covers it all.

You don't have stretched ears - but you still think piercings are great?

For special Organic Body Jewelry you don't necessarily need stretched ears - normal ear holes will do - because that's what our fake piercings are for. They are also made of bone, horn, and wood and show just as much choice and trendy motifs as the original. This is closed Organic Body Jewelry via screw caps with thread or plug systems with silicone lining.

Organic Body Jewelry is more comfortable and more pleasant to wear.

Why is this so? For one thing, Organic materials are usually lighter than metal, and for another, they take on body temperature when worn. But the most important point is: normal plastic and metal tunnels often cause unpleasant odor, because the skin has no possibility to breathe when wearing them. With Organic Body Jewelry it is different, here your skin can still breathe and therefore no unpleasant odors arise.

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