Toller Tribal Trend: Horn-Piercings

Great tribal trend: horn piercings

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Horn piercings - that means nothing to you? Then it's great that you landed here, because this jewelry trend you can not miss! The tribal style is very popular in the piercings, usually these pieces of jewelry are handmade, for example, from brass, they then carry oriental or Indian-looking decorations and typical tribal shapes. Or it is hand-carved pieces of wood, bone, mother of pearl shell or horn. More precisely, horn piercings are made of buffalo horn. This horn accumulates at the Southeast Asian farmers as an unusable residual material of their farm animals and so we get enough material for the production of unique horn piercings without having to keep or kill animals for it.

Horn piercings bring the positive characteristics of buffalo horn: they are very smooth and also shiny. Either they are black, or naturally grained, with beige, brown, ocher and almost transparent shades also available. This horn is artfully carved, even filigree thin shapes, are possible with it. Subsequently, the works of art are polished smooth, so that you can get the horn piercings pleasantly in the ear. Horn piercings are also lightweight and they allow your skin to breathe even while wearing them - this is a great advantage, because it prevents negative odors from developing on the lobes, as is the case with acrylic or metal tunnels. These seal the skin completely, and the ear tunnel starts to stink. With horn piercings, this risk does not exist. Another advantage: organic horn piercings adapt to your body temperature, so you hardly notice them when you wear them.

If you are curious about how horn jewelry looks like - click through our horn jewelry assortment, here you can also find horn piercings and horn fake piercings, as well as horn pin creoles or wax thread bracelets with horn beads. Horn piercings must be monochromatic, horn can be provided with colored inlays of bone and so decorates the back of a horn stretching snail sometimes a pattern in white, red, blue or pink. By the way, our horn piercings (and also the fake variants) are worn in pairs as well as individually, this is simply a matter of taste, there is no right or wrong here. And of course the horn piercings are worn by men and women, almost all designs are unisex. A few are a bit more feminine and playful designed e.g. by flower design or inlay in pink. The majority, however, is neutral and simply cool - whether for men or women.

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