Wie schmerzhaft ist ein Helix Piercing?

How painful is a helix piercing?

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Are you planning the piercing of the rich and beautiful? Rihanna or Scarlett Johansson show it off and love it: the helix piercing. But how painful is a helix piercing? For this we need to briefly explain where this piercing is located: it is a ring or a labret or horseshoe barbell through the top of the ear and specifically through the edge of the pinna, right through the cartilage. So the question "How painful is a Helix Piercing?" is a valid one, because whenever cartilage has to be pierced, it hurts more than pure fatty tissue, such as on the earlobe.

Wie schmerzhaft ist ein Helix Piercing?

How painful is a Helix Piercing? - is of course different from person to person, because everyone perceives pain differently, moreover it depends on your condition on that day. The only thing we can tell you for sure is that it hurts more than a normal ear piercing in the lobe. A cartilage piercing also has advantages: it doesn't grow over as fast, even if you don't wear your jewelry all the time.

Punching or piercing?

How painful is a helix piercing? Well at least the pain is over quickly, because the piercing really only takes a very short time. Besides the piercing you also have the possibility to have your helix pierced, i.e. punched out with a hollow needle, but this only makes sense if you want to have and wear a helix with a larger diameter. Even if you expect something different when you have your helix pierced, the answer to "How painful is a helix piercing?" here is: you actually feel less pressure pain. Even the healing phase is shortened a tiny bit.

How painful is a helix piercing? - this question refers not only to the piercing, but also to the time until complete healing and this is unfortunately longer with a cartilage piercing, if you are unlucky it can take up to 12 months, but usually it heals in half the time. With daily care you provide optimal conditions, how to care for a piercing properly you can learn from the piercer or in our FAQs. How painful is a helix piercing? Well, it will also be painful if you get stuck on the fresh wound, so you should sleep on the other side if possible until it heals, be careful when washing and combing your hair, avoid caps and the like and be very careful when putting on hoodies and shirts.

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