Stone Ear Weights – mehr Natur geht nicht

Stone Ear Weights - more nature does not go

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Organic piercing jewelry enjoys great popularity and so far this mostly meant wood, horn, shell or bone. Now we go one step further and offer you Stone Ear Weights.

What makes Stone Ear Weights so special? Like all organic materials, these are very close to nature or purely natural piercings and therefore just as beautiful, unique and individual as nature. Of course, the different stones differ and each stone has its characteristic coloring and grain, making it clearly identifiable and easily distinguishable from other stones. But even within the same type of stone, it is not the same everywhere, each place is unique in terms of hue, shading, pattern, grain, shimmer ect. And of course this also applies to Stone Ear Weights made from it. Let's take the example of Labradorite, this stone is rather grayish, but has shades and shimmers in blue, yellow and also green tones. Stone Ear Weights made of Labradorite can be rather bluish, rather yellowish or also rather grayish, they can have a strong shimmer and iridescence or they can be rather discreetly brown-grayish. Nevertheless, the Stone Ear Weights are then clearly recognizable as Labradorite Ear Weights.

Stone Ear Weights - small unique specimens on your ear

Especially piercing wearers want to stand out from the crowd, stand out, present themselves and be an eye-catcher. It is not very helpful if the person next to you wears the same Flesh Tunnel, a super similar spiral or an almost identical hook, isn't it? Stone Ear Weights in themselves are already more eye-catching than small plugs or Flesh TunnelsAfter all, ear weights present the size of the stitch canal at the same time. But Stone Ear Weights offer another advantage: if they are made of real natural stone, you are wearing small unique pieces. No other ear weight will look exactly like your Stone Ear Weights, even your pair of ear stretchers will be different. And this is what makes it so appealing, each piercing is a beautiful little rarity that won't be found again. No one wears the exact Stone Ear Weights that you wear.

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