Steel Ear Weights – Praktisch, schön und verträglich

Steel Ear Weights - Practical, beautiful and compatible

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Looking for something new and trendy for your stretched ears? Steel Ear Weights are a good choice, and we'll explain why here.

Stainless steel or surgical steel is very well tolerated by the skin, which makes steel ear weights a popular choice for many piercing wearers. Some people are sensitive to brass, wood or silver, but stainless steel is very well tolerated by most customers.

Steel Ear Weights are called Weight because they are ear weights, which means they are meant to present the ear hole by their weight. With wood, horn, bone, silicone or acrylic, it is not so easy to create a strong ear weight, they are simply too light. Steel Ear Weights made of stainless steel, on the other hand, can vary from light to heavy, depending on the material used.

Advantages of Steel Ear Weights

Of course, Steel Ear Weights are first and foremost jewelry, which means they should decorate, that is, make you attractive, make you stand out from the crowd or help you stand out and be a trendsetter. This requires cool designs. Steel Ear Weights can also have small details worked out, because steel is strong even when it is very delicate, unlike horn, bone or wood. Steel Ear Weights are convertible in different colors, often is of course silver, but gladly seen are also Steel Ear Weights in black, blue, gold, rose or rainbow colors colorful.

Stability is not to be neglected, your piercing should be robust and practical. Together with stainless steel we also like to process Paua Abalone Shell, the shell itself would be very filigree and not very stable as a piercing. As an inlay in Steel Ear Weights, however, it is stabilized and therefore very durable. We also really like this combination of metal and colorful iridescent shell.

Another plus point for stainless steel ear weights

It is also practical that both stainless steel and shell are insensitive to water contact. Steel Ear Weights can therefore also be worn in the shower or during sports. Since stainless steel does not bend easily, Steel Ear Weights will survive a night in your ear, while Flesh Tunnels made of wood or horn might break.

As you can see, Steel Ear Weights are worthwhile in many ways - if you now have a desire for a new design, an unusual shape, a special color or a cool material mix with shell, then click your way through our novelties.

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