So individuell wie du: Goldschmied Schmuck

As individual as you: Goldsmith jewelry

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Mass-produced goods are absolutely not yours? You love it fancy and exclusive? If it may also be luxurious, our new line Goldschmied Unikate is just right for you.

Goldsmith jewelry is handcrafted by our goldsmith for you and this entirely according to your wishes, matching your size and even with change requests can be individually addressed to you. The goldsmith jewelry uniques include necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, earrings and bracelets, as well as entire jewelry sets.
Have you ever wondered how it would be if you could have a say in your jewelry? For example, you like the bracelet gold plated much better than silver. Or you have very delicate fingers and need a ring size 49? You don't like a shiny surface - it should rather be brushed matt? All this is no problem at all with Goldschmied Jewelry and can be realized effortlessly.

Goldsmith jewelry is as individual as you are - and that's why we make new pieces for every customer. Of course, this also means that the pieces are not available immediately. Give the goldsmith 28 days and he will conjure up your new favorite piece. And no one can copy or buy this piece so quickly. Goldsmith Jewelry offers you a lot of freedom and this with first-class quality at moderate prices. Nevertheless, the pieces are due to the personalization, the materials and handwork in the higher price sector to find. Uniqueness and beauty has its price - but we make this as cheap as possible with an optimal performance.

Treat yourself to a little luxury with our goldsmith jewelry. Your motif is missing? Write us, we are open for new ideas.

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