Segment Ring Body Piercings – universal einsetzbar

Segment ring body piercings - universal application

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You love piercings and have several body parts pierced? Small rings fit through your body piercings? Then segment ring body piercings are ideal for you, because you can wear them everywhere, the ear probably offers the most possibilities: here there is the Helix PiercingYou can choose from a wide range of piercings, as well as Anti-Helix, the Tragus Piercing and Anti Tragus, the Rook Piercing, Conch Piercing and Daith Piercing and of course the Lobe Piercing, here also counts the normal ear hole for earrings. Because segment ring body piercings can easily be worn as small earrings or creoles.

Your favorite is rather the nose? No matter if you have a Nostril Piercing or a septum, you can insert and wear Segment Ring Body Piercings in both places. And while we're on the subject of facial piercings, the eyebrow and lip are still missing. With the lip you have endless possibilities for rings, because through almost all lip piercings you can wear plugs and segment ring body piercings, for example as Monroe or Madonna piercing, as Medusa piercing, Eskimo piercing, Snake Bites, Shark Bites, Angel Bites and more Labret piercings.

Segment Ring Body Piercings are also suitable on other body parts e.g. as nipple piercing / nipple piercing or as intimate piercing. We always give the dimensions such as ring diameter and rod strength, so you can judge for yourself whether the Segment Ring fits. Also we give the used material of the segment ring body piercings, so you know if you tolerate it, if allergies are present. We care about careful workmanship, some segment ring body piercings are handmade and detailed and filigree design. All are smooth without sharp edges and easy to insert. It is best to test the insertion for the first time by opening and closing the ring outside the body.

In terms of design, we currently like to use the colors silver, gold and red gold or rose gold, these are partly decorated with real stones such as opal, turquoise, moonstone, malachite, onyx or amethyst or with glitter stones, i.e. faceted zirconia stones.

Our range of segment ring body piercings is just in great demand and therefore also greatly expanded, so you can find a piercing that you can wear in different places, of course after appropriate cleaning. Or you can decorate ears, nose and lip in the same design. Our designs are suitable for both men and women. Just look around and discover your favorite segment ring body piercings!

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