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Sleeping with tunnel

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You are a Flesh Tunnels wearer and know the problem of sleeping with tunnels? If you take out the tunnels or plugs at night, it can happen that the stretched canal contracts and the flesh tunnels no longer fit the next morning. If you sleep with your tunnels and they are not made of metal, but of horn or wood, there is a risk of breakage. If, on the other hand, you sleep with metal or acrylic plugs, they become moist and slippery due to sebum and sweat and slip out. Even worse, when sleeping with tunnels, the ear jewelry slips out only halfway and the sharp edge presses on your lobes all night.

Schlafen mit Tunnel

Can you sleep with tunnels?

So what is the solution? Does sleeping with tunnel work at all? Well with a tunnel we wouldn't recommend for the above reasons, should a tunnel break there is a risk of injury from the splinters in your ear in addition to the loss of your favorite piece. This is really not a good idea. If you use a very stable material such as metal instead, there is a risk of sharp edges if the tunnel slips, which also poses a risk of injury. If, on the other hand, you use soft silicone for sleeping with tunnels, the tunnel will squeeze under stress, your stitch canals will not be kept in shape and size and you could just as well or more comfortably do without sleeping with tunnels and take them off at night.

Schlafen mit Tunnel

Relax at night

What works are two solutions: are your tunnels already loose during the day? Do you also have the feeling with very large stretches that your lobes are constantly being stretched further and ever larger just by the weight of your very large lobe piercings? Then it's a good idea to refrain from sleeping with tunnels, take your ear plugs out overnight and give your ears a break. If your piercing canals contract a bit, your earplugs will be tight again during the day and you will prevent your earholes from getting bigger and bigger just because of the weight of the jewelry.

Ear Plug while sleeping

Your plugs are rather tight and as soon as you take them out for a longer period of time, your flesh tunnels no longer fit into the piercing canal and you have to stretch them again a little? Then use wooden pl ugs at night when sleeping with tunnels. So don't use flesh tunnels, but stable, solid plugs, where there is no risk of breakage or chipping. Wood has the advantage that these plugs stay very dry while sleeping with tunnel, wood absorbs the sebum or sweat better, it lets your skin breathe even while wearing. Thus, a wooden plug will not become slippery or slip out even throughout the night. In addition, wood takes your body temperature. So if you want to sleep with a tunnel, a wooden plug is the best choice. This plug may well be great decorated, for example, by special types of wood with characteristic grain or by engraving.

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