Plugs aus Stein gratis Geschenk

Plugs from stone from 8mm/ 0g

Golan Tsadok ·

Attention. Natural 8mm/ 0g Plugs from Stone

Wir verschenken Plugs aus Stein

Plugs made of stone are something special - they are pleasantly smooth, cool and absolutely natural. The design is anything but boring, because depending on the stone, plugs made of stone can have a metallic shine, glitter, sparkle, be grained or even appear slightly translucent or iridescent. Could you imagine wearing plugs made of stone? We offer these plugs made of stone in October and a few organic plugs made of wood are even included.

The stone plugs pairs are all 8mm or 0g in diameter, which means you will need your ear holes stretched to 8mm. We have specially chosen a widespread size so that as many customers as possible can wear the plugs. They are all made of stone, but very individual, surely you have already fallen in love with your favorite piece!

8mm/ 0g Plugs aus Stein Geschenk

Plugs made of stone - pairs in 8mm - variety of nature

You like our plugs made of stone and wood? Then you absolutely must secure a pair, only while stocks last!

Among the stone types of the plugs made of stone are blue lace, lapis lazuli, turquoise, tiger eye, opal, rose quartz, amethyst, howlite and sandstone. The size of each flesh plug piercing pair is always 8mm. The wood earplugs are light, brown and black, the colors of the stones cover white, soft pink, green, turquoise, blue, brown, gray, silver, purple and black. All are double flared and easy to insert, they have a smooth, polished surface. From subtle to glittering to colorful iridescent, everything is there - everyone will discover a stone variety that he particularly likes. You would like to have stone plugs in other sizes? Then have a look here.

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