Piercings fürs Ohr – der neue Trend

Piercings for the ear - the new trend

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Earrings were yesterday - piercings are totally in since new - and these also at the ear. Whether pin creoles, Fake Plugs or piercings with ball end, the cool ear jewelry is in demand among men and women. A fake plug worn on the ear looks like a real 8mm plug through a stretched ear hole - in fact, it consists of a thin plug inside. An ear piercing also consists of a thin plug, but unlike ear studs or earrings, there are two ends here: one end carries the motif, the other is usually a ball that can be unscrewed. And of course, it is also easily slidable in the ear. Normal ear holes are also sufficient for this type of barbell. With pin creoles, the creoles do not run through the ear hole with a hoop, but are attached by horn or wooden pin, this piercing variant is worn in pairs.

Pretty cool so, the new version of ear jewelry. The piercings can take a variety of forms and range from brightly colored or hand-painted gold, rose and silver to black. Variants with glitter are also popular. Fake plugs often have real little pictures on them. Ear piercings give you the opportunity to wear piercing jewelry with the pierced spot that almost everyone has anyway: the ear holes. So you don't have to get pierced somewhere new, your normal ear holes are perfectly sufficient for this look.

Would you like to try something new and set trendy accents in ear jewelry? Then click through our large piercing assortment. By the way, this is subdivided according to body part, material or piercing type. For beginners we recommend ear piercings - and if you've got a taste for them, you're also welcome to get a lip piercing, Nose piercing or something more exotic and you will find the matching jewelry here. If you don't want to get pierced that often or if you are underage and don't get permission from your parents for anything else than classic ear piercings, our ear piercings are ideal for you. Or do you just want to test whether you are the type for piercings? Then test it with our cool piercing jewelry ideas made of brass, stainless steel, wood, bone or horn.

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